Welcome to IL FMMAIf you are a local buyer or seller of healthcare goods and services that would like to join together with other like-minded local employers, providers and community members as we take and stand and work toward meaningful change in healthcare, then please join us by submitting this application. There is no cost to join your local chapter and we welcome your participation.

Pricing is not a product, the car is the product. Selling "access" to pricing is against the pillars. Being compensated based on a percentage is NOT free market or transparent. Buyers and Sellers (The Market) determine value. Cash is Cash, everyone is equal.
Disclaimer: A )Application to IL FMMA does not ensure admittance; you will be notified via email on acceptance into the chapter. B) This is an application's FMMA's Illinois Local Chapter not the National FMMA. Though we highly encourage all to apply to National as well. Apply online at fmma.org